Older people are critical contributors to family, community, and society. HelpAge wants everyone who reaches old age to have a healthy, safe, and secure life.


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Older people and their families received humanitarian assistance in 13 countries.



Older people were delivered health and care services in 21 countries.


Older people took part in Age Demands Action to campaign for their rights in 42 countries. 

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A global movement for the rights of older people



Read about how we ensure older people are included in humanitarian relief efforts. 

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Find out what we're doing to improve older people's health.

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Learn how we're helping older people earn and access secure incomes.

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Rights and Advocacy

Find out more about how we`re demanding action to protect older people`s rights.

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HelpAge helps older people claim their rights, challenge discrimination and overcome poverty. Your donations change lives, not just for an older person but also for their families and communities.

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