The Importance of Investing in Older People


Older people face many barriers to financial security. Life in low- and middle-income countries is full of risks and shocks, such as natural disasters, civil conflict, or the sudden death of a loved one. In older age, people are also at greater risk of falling into poverty because they have fewer opportunities to earn a living.


“ Where poverty is endemic, persons who survive a lifetime of poverty often face an old age of deepening poverty.”


-Madrid International Plan of Action on Aging


Older people who have no access to social protection mechanisms such as pensions and insurance are at risk of poverty

Lack of Social Protection 

Many people who have worked hard all their lives are unable to support themselves in old age. Those employed in informal work such as manual labor or caregiving are paid little and excluded from entitlements such as pensions and health insurance. 


Older people face ageism, discrimination, marginalization, and exclusion

Ageism and Exclusion 

In some countries, older people are denied access to credit or passed over for employment because of their age, even though they are qualified. Older people may also experience violence and abuse, a growing but underreported problem.


Gaps in Data on older people exclude them from development initiatives

Gaps in Data 

Data on important development indicators such as income security and health are missing for older people. When these incomplete data sets are used for global policy making, they can perpetuate age-discrimination and exclusion. 


Our Solutions


Supporting older people is a worthwhile investment in the future. When older people have an income, they invest in their families and communities. Older people support their adult children and pay for their grandchildren’s school fees. They also start businesses that drive local economies.  




Income Generation

HelpAge develops pathways for older people to earn a living. Our network of close to 8,000 older people’s associations (OPAs) provide a range of resources including low-interest loans and skills training.




Social protection systems such as pensions are critical to preventing and reducing poverty. HelpAge advocates for cash transfers and universal pensions that help older people meet their basic needs and live with dignity.



Education and Advocacy

HelpAge educates older people about their rights and entitlements. We also advocate for financial institutions to end discriminatory lending practices and local governments to increase investment in livelihood programs and trainings.




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