East Asia

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Since 1998, we have worked with partners across the East Asia Pacific region to run projects, carry out research and raise awareness of older people's issues.

We work with more than 40 partners providing services for older people, and training governments, academic institutions and development organizations in how they can provide better support to older people. HelpAge and its partners share insights and experiences and together we actively lobby governments to provide better health services, care at home and income security.

Where we work in East Asia Pacific

We work in the following countries:


The Philippines






The difference we made 2010-2011:

  • We increased oler people's access to health care.
  • We successfully lobbied the governments to introduce an old age pensions.
  • We have joined with the China National Committee on Aging to help local governments plan for the impact of rapid aging in China.
  • We worked with older people to gain access to clean water.
  • Our older people's self-help groups (like those in Myanmar) have initiated income-generating ventures.
  • We established 160 community clubs in North Central Vietnam that strengthen community links and help older people support each other.

The difference we made in recent years:

  • We have convinced seven governments in the region to adopt policies on caring for older people at home.
  • Thanks to our efforts, at least 20,000 older people affected by disasters received healthcare geared to their needs.
  • In Myanmar and Vietnam, we have developed appropriate ways of getting emergency treatment to older people - and we are now sharing these methods with health professionals.

What next?

  • We will campaign on the need for pensions - carrying out research and advising governments.
  • We will help older people in poor rural areas start up small businesses or learn skills that will earn them money.
  • We will work to make sure that all countries put in place programs to provide care for older people at home.
  • We will make sure older people's needs are recognised when disasters strike.

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