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In partnership with local organizations and older people themselves, we work to overcome challenges such as:

Rights: We make sure older people know their rights and how to claim them

Benefits: We work with governments to ensure older people get basic healthcare, education and income

Incomes: Our Sponsor A Grandparent (SAG) progra provides additional financial help

HIV and AIDS: We give older people information to protect themselves and their families from HIV and AIDS

Emergencies: We ensure older people's needs are recognised when disaster strikes - and that their contribution to recovery efforts is fully supported.

Where we work in the Caribbean

We work in the following countries:




The difference we made in recent years

  • HelpAge joined Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency's civil society sub-committee, which prepares a workplan for the region that now addresses older people. We trained five of our partners from Belize and Jamaica to produce organizational disaster plans, including first-aid kits, logistics, and managing distributions. Local disaster risk-management plans are now in place in our partners' project communities.
  • Our Sponsor a Grandparent program has improved the lives of over 1,290 older people and 2,400 grandchildren.
  • In 2009, we have helped 300 older people set up their own businesses, including farming and shop-keeping.
  • 360 older people have learned about staying healthy through our HIV and AIDS workshops.

What next?

  • We will go on supporting older people affected by the Haiti earthquake.
  • We will train older people to share life-saving information with others as HIV and AIDS community councillors.
  • We will lobby governments to bring in pensions for all older people.

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