We have been working in Bolivia since 1991. We work with Bolivia's national and local governments and older people's organizations to reduce poverty and ensure the fulfillment of older people human rights.

  • We run income-generating activities so older people can enjoy a more dignified life.
  • We improve older people's access to age-friendly health programs and services.
  • We reduce older people's vulnerability to the effects of natural disasters and migration by creating projects that focus on cutting the risks presented by emergencies and disasters.
  • We promote more participation and leadership by older women.

Our past accomplishments include:

  • Supporting a network of older people's associations that now have almost 125,000 older members and are estimated to reach 52% of older people in Bolivia. These associations help older people engage the government on issues ranging from documentation issues to new national laws.
  • Establishing a health insurance system in La Paz which has granted coverage to 13,000 older people.
  • Helping over 25,000 older people access pensions and health insurance and deal with around 11,500 cases of rights violations through our socio-legal centers. These centers deal with around 9,600 cases a year.
  • Helping 12,000 more older people get included in 30 municipal programs and budgets. This has resulted in more people having access to social health insurance.
  • We've created two new older people's organizations in the rural areas of Cochabamba and Santa Cruz. These give older people the opportunity to lead and to voice their needs to local and national government.

What next? 

  • We will contribute to the implementation of the General Law of Older People and its regulations.
  • We will set up more socio-legal centers for older people.
  • We will promote projects on health, emergencies and income to help improve the lives of older people.
  • We will continue to promote increased financial inclusion for older people.

Our partners

Fundación Horizontes, Viceministerio de Igualdad de Oportunidades, Fundación Beni, Centro de orientación Socio legal La Paze, Centro de orientación Socio legal Santa Cruz, Centro de orientación Socio legal Sucre, Gobierno Municipal de Sucre, Centro de orientación Socio legal Potosí, Gobierno Municipal de Potosí, FUNDEPCOSUMAJ PUNCHAY, SEPADES, Comunidad Aymarás Urbanos de Pampajasi - CAUP - Awichas, ASDI

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