HelpAge established operations in Zimbabwe in 1989. We now work in several areas including:

  • HIV and AIDS:  Recognizing older people as care givers and addressing their needs and rights.

  • Social Protection: Helping older people access their right to a pension and additional support where they are carers of others, notably orphans and vulnerable children.

  • Livelihoods:  Ensuring that older people and their families have access to secure work and livelihood programs and activities. This includes work in disaster and conflict situations.

  • Health: Securing access to free and basic healthcare for older people, particularly in times of emergencies or conflicts.
  • Advocay: Working closely with policy makers and government departments to improve living conditions for older people through developing legislation and policies.

In recent years we have focused on:

• Working with Sightsavers International to provide affordable, accessible and quality eye care.
• Reducing poverty by improving health for older women and men in Africa.
• Promoting the inclusion of the 50+ population group in the fight against HIV and AIDS.

Our accomplishments include:

• As part of our advocacy for older people, we successfully engaged with the media through television, radio, and newspapers.
• We trained 275 older people in palliative care and home-based care in the districts of Zvishavane, Mufakose, Bulawayo, and Chiredzi.
• We also distributed food hampers and vouchers to 500 households, nutrition supplements to 500 infants and cash grants to 180 beneficiaries.
• We worked in Mhototi, Indaba, Mutambi and Murowa to provide older people with cash transfers, healthcare and offer support for education and school fees.
• We have trained farmers and helped them acquire items such as vegetable seeds and garden tools.
• We have established new water points, trained water point committees, pump minders and provided them with tool kits.
• In schools, clinics and throughout communities we have improved sanitation by providing buckets, aqua tablets, soap, medication and information.
• We have established community champions to talk about aging and raising awareness of aging with community leaders.

What next?

We are going to continue with our program of work and also:
research and produce publications,
organize a symposium for older people.

Our partners

The Ministry of Health and Child Welfare, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Public Service Labour and Social Services, Ministry of Education and Culture, Ministry of Home Affairs, Local Authorities, Traditional leaders, FACT, Island Hospice, WFP,  IOM, World Vision, Action Aid, Farm Community Trust, CARE International, EC, Lotto, HelpAge International, AUSAID, UNICEF, Royal Norwegian Embassy, GRM, Firelight Foundation, Practical Action, Save the Children UK.

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