We have worked in Mozambique since 1988, partnering local organisations and the Government to advance older people's rights to healthcare, financial security, and protection from injustice and abuse.

We work to reduce the impact of HIV and AIDS, while making sure older people's needs are met in emergency relief efforts. And through community-based committees, we provide cash donations to more than 1,300 households, and a cash for food program to a further 1,260 older people, helping them benefit from services like healthcare and education.


In recent years we have focused on:

  • To improve universal access to HIV/AIDS services and social protection mechanisms for vulnerable groups
  • Reducing poverty by improving health for older women and men in Africa.
  • Implementing accountability mechanisms for stakeholders providing social protection (pensions etc.).
  • Working with Sightsavers International to provide affordable, accessible and quality eye care.

Our past accomplishments include:

  • As a result of our influence, older people are now included in the new national strategic plan for HIV prevention, care and treatment
  • More than 1,400 older people now get monthly cash payments, thanks to a HelpAge agreement with the government.
  • We're giving older people better healthcare by training relevant medical professionals. We're also developing a training curriculum for Ministry of Health staff.
  • As part of the design for the government's new HIV and AIDS strategy (PENIII), we influenced a doubling of the number of indicators relating to older people from the previous strategy. In addition, the UN country report on HIV and AIDS has a section relating to older people's need for a specific prevention program.

What next?

  • We will lobby the government regarding a universal pension for older people. We will monitor the implementation of the new law on the promotion and protection of older people's rights.
  • We will support a new UN convention o older people's rights.
  • We will support the development of a network of organizations working with older people across Mozambique.

Our partners

Humanitarian Association for Support to Older People (VUKOVA), Mozambican Association for Support to Older People (AMAI), Pro-Idoso, Hipfuneni INSS Pensioners association, Association "Pfuna Swisiwana" (APS), Mozambican Pensioners Association (APOSEMO), Tearfund, Action for Community Development (ASADEC), Save The Children, Sightsavers International, Red Cross Mozambique (CVM), Christian Council of Mozambique (CCM), Teia National Forum of Mozambican NGOs


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