We have been operating in Ethiopia since 1992. Alongside our local partner, the Aged and Children Pastoralist Association, we provide water to thousands of drought-affected older people and their families in Shinille zone, Somali Regional State. 

We have also empowered older people to lead water and sanitation projects and decide where to build latrines and wells. Their local knowledge of where to build proved crucial after the flood in Erar Woreda in April 2010: the wells they built remained standing, while many others were washed away.

Currently, we are working to ensure older people have secure incomes through livelihood projects, to raise awareness of the role older people play in caring for those affected by HIV and AIDS, and to strengthen older people's associations so they have more influence in the decision making processes that affect them.

In recent years we have focused on:

• Improving universal access to HIV/AIDS services and social protection mechanisms for vulnerable groups.
Reducing poverty by improving health for older women and men.
• Improving the lives of poor and marginalized older people by encouraging social inclusion and engagement.

Our accomplishments include:

• Giving food, healthcare, shelter, and clothing to over 870 vulnerable older people and their families. Delivering meals to 50 bed-ridden older people.
• Advocating for policy changes which allowed for older people to be included in the Federal Strategic Plan on HIV and AIDS.
• Providing cash transfers to 960 older people affected by the current drought so their basic needs can be met.
Providing health care for 32,500 older people through our healthcare and wellbeing program which included access to eye care, HIV services and community-based older people support.
• Meeting the needs of 65,000 older people affected by humanitarian crises in Ethiopia, including the influx of South Sudanese refugees.

What's next?

• We will continue to support poor older people in Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa with cash grants, food and clothing.
• HelpAge will work with partners to increase healthcare services for 140,000 people to include eye care, chronic disease and HIV services.
• We will expand our work with refugees to ensure that more than 10,000 South Sudanese refugees benefit from health, nutrition, other essential items and psychosocial services.

Our partners

Aged and Children Pastoralist Association, DFID UK Aid Match, SIDA, UNHCR

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