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We empower older people in Africa in a whole range of ways. For instance, we share information with our partners and advise on aging issues. We fight for older people's needs and rights to be placed right at the heart of policy and legislation. We also help older people take action to curb the impact and spread of HIV and AIDS.

Where we work in Africa

We work in:

Burkina Faso





South Africa





The difference we made in recent years

  • We confirmed a new three-year agreement with Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) to strengthen social protection and mitigate the impact of HIV and AIDS and poverty in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • In Uganda, we established older people's groups to help them find out about their own rights and empower them to lobby local authorities.
  • In Ethiopia, we have provided cash transfers to 960 older people affected by the current drought so their basic needs can be met.
  • In the villages of Tanzania, we have cut the number of murders related to witchcraft accusations by 90%
  • In South Africa, we secured transport for over 8,000 older people so they could get to health clinics.

What next?

    As part of our 2010-2015 Africa Strategy, we want:

  • Better income security for older people, through pensions and work
  • Better-quality health, HIV and AIDS, and care services for older people and those they support
  • More focus on older people's needs in emergencies, and a bigger role for them in recovery efforts
  • To create and support a movement in which older people challenge age discrimination and claim their rights.

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