Disaster and crisis response

East African Drought

East African Famine & Drought

People in eastern Africa are facing the worst drought in decades. 

We are working to support older people affected by drought and famine in South Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya and more.  

Syrian refugee crisis

Syrian Refugee Crisis

After four years of conflict millions of Syrians have fled their home country.

With the number of refugees increasing, HelpAge has been working to provide healthcare to older refugees in Lebanon.

Woman in Nepal  


On April 25, 2015, a horrible earthquake struck Nepal, killing more than 7,400 people and affecting almost 600,000 older people.

For the past 15 years HelpAge has been working with local partners on disaster risk prevention. Due to our expeirence in Nepal we were able to help people immediately.

(c) Leah Gordon  


On 12 January 2010, a devastating earthquake hit Haiti, impacting on the lives of almost 200,000 older people.

Since then HelpAge has been working with local partners to ensure that long-term redevelopment in Haiti includes older people.


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West Africa

A crisis is affecting the Sahel region of West Africa. Up to 12 million people in Mauritania, Niger, Chad, Mali and Burkina Faso are affected.

We are gathering and analyzing data to prepare for a joint response in Sahel with other humanitarian groups.

 (c) Nafeh bin Naeem  


Over the course of July and August 2010, Pakistan experienced the worst monsoon-related floods in living memory. New floods arrived in 2011 worsening the situation.

We're distributing much needed emergency relief items to older people caught up in the Pakistan floods.

 (c) Robin Hammond  

Democratic Republic of Congo conflict

The ongoing conflict in the Democratic Republic Congo is having a devastating effect on the country's population. 1.3 million people are displaced and their situation remains extremely precarious.

We are supporting older people by providing emotional support, access to age-friendly healthcare and helping them to find paid work.

 (c) Kate Holt  

Darfur conflict 

The current conflict in Darfur has displaced 2.7 million people and affected a further two million.

We are working in 12 internally displaced people camps in North and West Darfur to provide older people with healthcare, food and shelter and ensure older people are included in other relief agencies' programs.

 (c) Jeff Williams  

Ethiopia droughts and floods of 2009

Renewed droughts and floods in Ethiopia have caused crop failure and loss of livestock. Older pastoralists are particularly affected.

We are providing essential hygiene and sanitation to drought-affected communities, and working to get emergency relief to 10,000 people affected by flooding.

 (c) Kate Holt  

Kyrgyzstan unrest

In June 2010, violence flared up in Osh, Kyrgyzstan. Hundreds were killed, thousands injured, as well as homes and businesses lost.

We are helping older people and those they support by providing wellbeing kits, which contain items such as towels, soap and shampoo. We are also distributing coal and ensuring older men and women have a regular supply of food throughout the harsh winters.

(c) HelpAge International  

Colombia conflict

Colombia's internal conflict has lasted several decades and has forced up to 4.6 million people from their homes.

This displacement affects older people disproportionately for various reasons. Many older people don't declare their displacement and do not know how to access their rights. We are helping older people in Colombia overcome the problems they are facing.

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