Witness to climate change: Learning from older people's experience

Witness to Climate Change: Learning from Older People's ExperiencesClimate change and ageing are two of the biggest issues facing humanity this century, yet explicit links between the two are rarely made.

This paper looks at older people's experience of climate change, their awareness of it and how it makes them vulnerable.

Older people told HelpAge they face increased insecurity because of damage to their property, land, livestock, crops and livelihood.

Despite not using the language of climate change, older people are eloquent about what is happening to the environment around them.

They have unique insights into tackling environmental problems in their communities and have asked to be included in national and community based debates on climate change.

Witness to climate change shows older people's exclusion from climate change debates, identifies opportunities for influencing policy-making and makes recommendations for including older people in discussions and strategies.

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