Climate change policy

Climate change and aging are two of the biggest issues facing humanity this century. But links between the two are rarely made.

Older people are uniquely vulnerable to the effects of climate change, but they are unjustly excluded from the climate change debate.

They also have a unique role to play in sharing their knowledge and experience of coping with climate change. Older people can also play a significant role in preparing for disasters and helping to manage risks in their communities.

The difference we're determined to make

HelpAge is fighting to get older people's voices heard in the climate change debate.

We're pushing for:

  • Recognition of the unique impact of climate change on older people.
  • Inclusion of older people in policies and programmes to mitigate climate change.
  • Climate change messages that make sense to older people.
  • Sharing traditional knowledge about ways to cope with climate change.
  • Support for older farmers such as research into local drought resistant crops, and land and agriculture policies that take into account climate change.

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