They won't actually kill her...

Imagine you are facing economic uncertainty, rising food prices, and no safety net. Living with you are elderly relatives, your children and your spouse.

Who would you provide for first?

In so many countries around the world, care for older relatives falls to resource-strapped families. With no other support system in place, older people’s basic needs like food, medical care, and shelter are provided based on the ability and desire of younger relatives. Often with no other choice, older family members are allowed to literally fade away.

This was the case for Shanti of Bangladesh.

Widowed after 50 years of marriage, and recovering from a severe spinal injury, the 73-year old was left without the ability to work. At first she moved in with her son, but when he got married it was more difficult to provide enough food for everyone; when her daughter-in-law became pregnant, Shanti's son simply did not have enough resources to buy her medicine; and to make room for her grandchildren, a hungry and sick Shanti eventually had to move into a small hut on the other side of her son's property.

Poor families should not have to choose between their aging parents and their own family - don't let Shanti pass away.

For just $25 a month, you can provide much needed food, medical care, and social support for an older person like Shanti. With the help of individuals like you, older people in the world's poorest communities will not have to fear that their lives will be cut short.