Older Rohingya Refugees and their Families Need Help

The Worst Refugee Crisis in Decades

rohingya woman

Since August 2017, 840,000 Rohingya have fled violence and persecution in Myanmar, settling in refugee camps in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh. HelpAge is working in Bangladesh to reach those whose needs are often overlooked in humanitarian crisis--older people and people with disabilities.

You can help older Rohingya refugees and others trying to survive in some of the world's hardest living conditions.




·        $25 could provide blankets to 5 older people

·        $50 could provide a cataract operation for an older person, restoring their eyesight

·        $100 could build a disaster preparedness shelter for a group of older people

·        $200 could provide lifesaving medicines to 10 older people


Together with our local partners, HelpAge is distributing food, clean water, and seasonal supplies such as warm clothes and blankets. We're also providing primary health care and counseling for many who have been traumatized by violence and the loss of loved ones. 


Since HelpAge and its partners began responding in Bangladesh, 50,000 older people and their families have received humanitarian assistance.


With monsoon season approaching, the people in the camp are vulnerable to landslides and flooding. In natural disasters, older people and people with disabilities are particularly at risk.


Help us make sure no one gets left behind. Support us today.

Donations will be used for the purpose(s), if any, specified by the donor. However, if in the judgment of HelpAge USA, such purpose(s) become unnecessary, undesirable, impractical or impossible to fill, HelpAge USA may use such contributions for its general purposes.

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