(c) Kate Holt

Generation vexed

In South Asia, low literacy levels, geographical remoteness, lack of information and confusing bureaucracy makes accessing pensions hard.

We work with older people to realize their rights to pensions.

(c) Tom Weller

Displaced and invisible

Older people uprooted by the internal conflict in Colombia are among the most vulnerable.

We help older people to access their rights so they can avoid a life of hunger, despair and disorientation.

 (c) Jeff Williams

No country for old women

In some areas of Tanzania, older women are still persecuted and accused of witchcraft.

We are working with communities in Africa to change attitudes towards older people.

 (c) Frederic Dupoux

Healing Haiti

Older people are still affected by the trauma of the Haiti earthquake.

Through our psychosocial work, we are teaching older men and women to cope with disaster and help each other.

(c) Simon de Trey White

Healthy Aging

Seven percent of Ghana's population is over 50. However, older people in Ghana are denied adequate and appropriate healthcare.

We are supporting older people's fight for better and age-friendly health services.


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