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60 for 60+

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Whether you're an individual passionate about global health and development or a professional looking to build greater camaraderie within your team, Join HelpAge in its first ever crowdsourcing fundraiser.  Engage your network to provide lifesaving relief to older people in emergencies and natural disasters. Raise awareness about the most pressing issues at the intersection of ageing, economic development, and health.   And surprise yourself with the impact you'll make!

What is the 60 for 60+ Challenge?

The 60 for 60+ Challenge is a grassroots campaign that harnesses the collective power of our friends, family, and social networks to raise $45,000 or more for HelpAge!

The idea is really simple: YOU make a $60 donation or more and THEN challenge others to match you!

When you make a donation, you have the option to post on facebook.  We encourage you to use your post to honor of an older person who has made a positive impact on your life. 

The challenge is hosted on Razoo, an online fundraising platform.  Join our team on Razoo, make your own fundraising page, and start raising money to help older people around the world.  Want to get started or still have more questions?  Check out  our FAQs below.

60 for 60+ FAQs

I'm interested in being a Team Leader. What is required of me?

All you have to do is contribute $60 or more of your own money, and collect $60 or more from at least nine other people.

What assistance will you provide?

We'll share instructions on setting up an online fundraising page on Razoo and provide images, video, and sample text you can use to inspire your friends to give!

When asking my friends and colleagues, can I use "boilerplate" text for my email and fundraiser page?

Yes! We'll provide stock email and text for your fundraiser page to encourage your friends and contacts to give, BUT we encourage you to personalize your communications, since it is YOUR story and your voice that will be most compelling. We recommend keeping it short, authentic, and in your own voice when possible.

Whom should I ask to give?

Everyone! Friends, coworkers, family members, neighbors, and others are all fair game. Tell your story and share why YOU choose to support HelpAge USA. The best advocate for our work is YOU, so don't be shy about asking. Be fearless!

Should I invite my cousin in a faraway place who's never heard of HelpAge?

Yes, that's the beauty and power of this campaign! Though your cousin may have never heard of us or our work, she'll be inspired to give when she hears your story and witnesses you working to raise support for an organization you feel passionately about. So, don't hesitate to reach out to folks who may not have heard of us before. In fact, broadening our network and those who care about our work is a big part of this campaign.

Should I ask only 10 people for only $60?

The goal is for each team leader to raise $60 each from at least 10 friends, but we encourage you to ask at least 20 to 25 people, as not everyone will choose to give. The minimum gift amount is $10, but we encourage you to prompt your network to give an amount that is meaningful and comfortable for them, which could be anywhere from $5 to $500 or more!

Do I have to give $60 or more too?

Your friends will respond more willingly and generously when you lead by example, so please be the very first to make a donation that's meaningful and comfortable for you. Please give $10 or more to participate fully in this campaign.

When will the 60 for 60+ Challenge take place?

November 6 - November 17. You only have to ask your friends during that 10-day period and we will make sure it's super fun!

Will HelpAge USA support me as I complete the challenge?

Yes! We'll invite you to join a conference call to walk you through the campaign and provide support to you throughout the challenge.

We'll be covering topics such as how to create your team, tips on creating a compelling story, suggestions on whom to reach out to, and more.

For questions, email Ida Shiang ishiang@helpageusa.org. And if you can't make those dates, just give us a ring at (855-654-8768) and we're ready to help!

Does the person I honor with my donation need to be 60+?

No! At HelpAge we don't believe in age limits and cut-offs. You may make your donation in honor of anyone who has made a positive difference in your life.

Do I have to create a Razoo account?

In order to receive online donations, you should join our team page on Razoo. You can create your own fundraising page (click "join team" or encourage people to give directly on our team page).  Don't worry - Razoo is a reputable platform and your personal information will be kept secure. Don't hesitate to contact our office should you have any questions or concerns.

Is this going to be fun?

Yes, we promise it will be a lot of fun! Join in and find out for yourself!

What if I still have questions?

Contact Ida Shiang: ishiang@helpageusa.org