HelpAge works with older people to push governments to make policies that improve their lives. We are determined that governments and other NGOs include older people in their policies and programs. Our areas of policy focus are:


We're urging health providers to be prepared for the challenges that global aging brings. Find out how we're pushing for policies to improve healthcare for older people.


We're pushing for policy changes to help older people deal with the challenge of coping with HIV and AIDS.


We're lobbying governments to get older people's rights protected.


Our humanitarian policy work ensures that older people are visible and included in humanitarian relief efforts.

Climate Change

Climate change and ageing are two of the biggest issues facing humanity this century. Older people must be included in the climate change debate. Read our policy on climate change.

Decent Work

We're influencing governments to improve the working lives of older people.

Secure Income

We're protecting older people's right to a secure income and helping them to get a decent pension. Read more about our social protection work.


Publications with evidence, data, and informed opinions on global aging.

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