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AARP Magazine publishes story about Executive Leadership visit to Haiti, four years after the 201 earthquake
The work of HelpAge in Haiti is being highlighted in the June/July edition of AARP The Magazine, the world’s largest circulation magazine. The Executive Leadership of AARP, AARP Foundation, HelpAge International and HelpAge USA visited Haiti this February 2014, four years after the earthquake that struck the country in January 2010. 06.02.2014

Helpage International helps up to 140,000 people in 6 months since Typhoon Haiyan
With the assistance of donors worldwide, HelpAge USA has reached more than 140,000 people in the six months since Typhoon Haiyan hit on November 7th, 2013. 05.06.2014

Hidden victims: Radical change needed for older, disabled and injured Syirian refugees
Older, disabled, and injured Syrian refugees are being doubly victimized as a result of the Syria conflict, according to a new report by Handicap International and HelpAge International. The new data shows that these vulnerable individuals, as well as those suffering from chronic diseases, are being left in the shadows of the humanitarian responses. 04.09.2014

HelpAge International saving lives of forgotten elderly
HelpAge International is responding to the urgent needs of older people and their families in the hardest-hit and least-accessible area of Cebu Province with its local partner in the Philippines, the Coalition of Services of the Elderly (COSE). 11.13.2013

HelpAge and Pfizer launch program in Tanzania
HelpAge International in collaboration with Pfizer Inc is launching a two-year program that will contribute to the reduction of the burden of ill health due to Non Communicable Diseases among older people in Tanzania. 6.3.2013

HelpAge USA and Pfizer host GLOBAL AGING 2013: Driving Economic Growth
Leaders gather to improve the impact of global aging on economic growth.Experts from government, private enterprise, non-profits and academia work together to find solutions. 3.26.13

HelpAge International receives Hilton Humanitarian Prize
International jury selects only global NGO with singular focus on improving the lives of the world's fastest growing population—older people. 4.17.2012

World Health Day: Urgent rethink needed on non-communicable diseases to safeguard world`s aging population
For the first time in 60 years, the World Health Organization (WHO) will put global aging first on April 7, World Health Day. Today's global launch comes as leading commentators across the sector warn that population aging will hamper hard fought achievements in socioeconomic and human development if action is not taken. 4.4.2012

HelpAge International wins Hilton Humanitarian Prize
HelpAge International, the only global organization with a singular focus on providing assistance to and advocating for disadvantaged older people, has been selected to receive the 2012 Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Prize. The Prize will be presented at the Global Philanthropy Forum on April 16 in Washington, D.C. 3.8.2012

Study shows little humanitarian aid targeting older people or people with disabilities
A new study by HelpAge International and Handicap International has found a significant disparity between the needs of older people and people with disabilities and the level of humanitarian assistance delivered to meet their needs. 2.22.2012

World AIDS Day 2011: HIV and Aging in Africa
To mark World AIDS Day, HelpAge International is hosting a two-day conference, "HIV and Ageing in Africa" in Ethiopia in partnership with UNAIDS, WHO and the University of Sydney. 12.1.11

7 billion people: What happens when billions of babies grow up?
As world population reaches seven billion, HelpAge International applaud the United Nations Population Fund, (State of the World Population, 2011) for dispelling harmful myths about aging. 10.28.2011

Thailand`s flood crisis puts older people at risk as Bangkok evacuates
As Thailand starts a three day public holiday across Bangkok and flood-affected regions, HelpAge is increasingly anxious not enough is being done to deliver care for thousands of older, vulnerable people at risk from worsening floods. 10.27.2011

New report for International Workers Day; older people working longer for less
On May 1st, International Workers Day, HelpAge International will launch a new report that uncovers how much work is done by older people in poorer countries and the difficulties they face. 4.20.2010

HelpAge responds to devastating earthquake in Haiti
A massive 7.0 magnitude earthquake has struck Haiti. The extent of the devastation is still not clear but HelpAge International staff on the ground indicate that thousands of people have died. 1.13.2010

Older people: Witness to climate change
Climate change and global aging are two of the biggest issues facing humanity this century, yet explicit links between the two are rarely made. 12.8.2009

World AIDS Day 2009; largest share of new infections in Africa are older couples
As people around the world commemorate World AIDS Day this year, some may feel some cautious optimism, as the new global figures for HIV and AIDS were released. Last week UNAIDS and WHO published the AIDS 2009 Epidemic Update. According to the report, the number of new HIV infections around the world has dropped by 17 per cent in the past eight years. 11.29.2009

Older Ethiopians; witnesses to a changing climate
As millions of people face hunger in Ethiopia due to the worst drought in a decade, HelpAge International is stepping up its emergency response programme in the country. 11.24.2009

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