Syria’s Forgotten Refugees

In war, the reporter’s calculator tends to crunch the saddest figure of all—lives lost. The three-year-long crisis in Syria tallies a tragic sum that’s over 160,000 deaths, and growing fast. But there’s a more elusive figure that demands attention: older, and disabled, injured, and chronically ill people at risk....

Posted: 17 June 2014

Four Years on: HelpAge revisits Haiti with journalist Soledad O’ Brien and AARP

AARP Leadership meets older Haitians This past February, together with HelpAge, members of the Executive Leadership of AARP and the AARP Foundation revisited Haiti to review the progress of their partnership four years after the devastating earthquake hit the country in January 2010: Within days of the disaster, AARP...

Posted: 09 June 2014

UN Human Rights Council Appoints Independent Expert on Older People’s Rights

The UN Human Rights Council has appointed Rosa Kornfeld-Matte as the new Independent Expert on the full enjoyment of the human rights of all older persons.

Posted: 09 May 2014

Typhoon Haiyan: Six Months On

Six months after the Typhoon - Efforts to restore livelihoods of older people are underway HelpAge USA and the Coalition of Services of the Elderly (COSE) continue to work together in Typhoon Haiyan-affected areas to help poor older people and their communities rebuild and recover.  It has been six...

Posted: 06 May 2014

Four Years Later: Building More Than Structures Together

HelpAge USA: April 2014 Donna Cordner, CEO of HelpAge USA, shares her experiences visiting the town of Léogâne, epicenter of the 2010 Haiti earthquake – now the location of a vibrant Older People’s Association composed of older advocates and community leaders. We all remember the 2010 Haitian earthquake: and...

Posted: 25 April 2014